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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 10

3 a That is, there is mutual agrement & consent of faith betwene the pastour and the shepe.

8 b He meaneth all the false prophetes, who led not men to Christ, but from him.

14 d Christ knoweth his because he loueth them, careth and prouideth for them.

15 e As the Father can not forget him, no more can he forget vs.

15 f In that, he loueth and approueth me.

16 g To wit, among the Gentiles, which then were strangers from the Church of God.

17 h Christ euen in that that he is man, hathe deserued his Fathers loue and euerlasting life, not to his fleshe onely, but to vs also which by his obedience and perfect justice are imputed righteous, {Ro. 5, 19. phil 2, 7}

22 i Which was institute, that the people might giue thankes to God for their deliuerance and restoring of their religion and Temple which Antiochus had corrupted and polluted.

23 k Which was builded againe after the patron of that which Solomon builded.

24 / Or, holdest our minde in suspense.

26 l The cause wherefore the reprobate can not beleue.

29 m Whereby we learne how safely we are preserued against all dangers.

34 n Meaning of Princes and rulers, who for their office sake are called gods, and are made here in earth as his Lieutenants: wherefore if this noble title be giuen to man, muche more it apperteined to him that is the Sonne of God equal with his Father.

34 ! The princes called gods/

41 o Whereby they gathered that Christ was more excellent then John.