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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 9

3 a God doeth not alwayes punish men for their sinnes.

6 c This was not for any vertue that was in the earth, in the spittle, or in the claye to make one se: but it onely pleased him to vse these signes & meanes.

7 d Hereby was prefigured the Messias, who shulde be sent vnto them.

21 e They durst not speake the trueth for feare they shulde be excommunicate.

24 f That is, Consider that nothing is hid from God: therefore tel vs the trueth that God may be glorified thereby, {Jos.7,29, 1 sam. 6,5}

26 h they thoght either to driue him from the trueth, or to make him swerue by their oft times examining him: which practise Satans members euer do obserue in examing the Christians.

27 i He derideth their wilful malice and ignorance.

30 k They douted not of his countrey or parents, but of his office and autoritie.

31 l Or, wicked men, contemners of God & suche as delite in sinne.

38 m As all astonished he fel downe & worshipped him.

39 n Meaning, that rule & autoritie, to make the poore blinde to se, and the proude seers blinde.

39 ! To what blinde men Christ giueth sight.