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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 8

6 a Ether for breaking the Law, if he did deliuer her, or of lightnes, & inconstantie, if he did condemne her.

11 ! Christ deliuereth her that was taken in adulterie.

11 b Jesus wolde not medle, but with that which did apperteine to his office, to wit, to bring sinners to repentance: and therefore did not abolish the Law against adulterie.

12 / Or, liuelie light.

14 c That which Christ denied {chap 5,37}, here he granteth, to declare vnto them their stubbernes: and saith that being God he beareth witnes to his humanitie: likewise doeth God the father witnes the same which are two distinct persones, thogh but one God.

14 d In that he came from his father, he sheweth that he is not onely man, but God also.

14 ! He sheweth from whence he is come, wherefore and whether he goeth.

18 f Which place proueth Christ to be verie God, and man.

20 g That is, the place where the vessel and other things belonging to the Temple, were kept.

21 h Because of their rebellion wherein they did perseuere.

23 i He sheweth the difference betwene the Gospel, & the subtil wit of man.

25 / Or, from the beginning euen that I said vnto you.

25 k That is, who he was whence he was & why he came into this worlde.

28 l Their dndeuours & practises whereby they thinke to destroye him, shal serue to exalte, & magnifie his glorie.

28 m Not to beleue in him, but to be conuicted.

32 ! Who are fre, & who are bounde.

33 p These were not the beleuing Jewes, but the mockers that answered thus.

37 q He granteth their sayings in suche sorte, that he sheweth vnto them that their owne dedes proue them liers.

39 r Which were his obedience, charitie & suche good workes which proceded of faith.

43 s For you are carnal and can not vnderstand spiritual things.

44 u It followeth then that he was once in the trueth: for he was not created euil.

44 x According to his wont and custome.

50 y Who wil reuenge the injurie that you do against me, or rather against him.

56 a Which to se the comming of Christ in the flesh: which thing Abraham sawe farre of with the eyes of faith, {ebr. 11,10]

58 b Not onely God, but Mediator betwene God, & man, appointed from before all eternitie.