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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 7

2 a At this feast they dwelled seuen dayes in the tentes, which put them in remembrance, that they had no citie here permanent, but that they must seke one to come.

8 c Christ doeth not vtterly denie that he wolde go to the feast, but signifieth that as yet he was not fully determined.

12 ! There are diuers opinions of him among the people.

13 d These were the heads of the people who did enuie Christ.

18 f By this marke we may knowe whether the doctrine be of God, or of man.

18 g Nothing conter fait or vntrue.

20 ! The injurie they do vnto him.

31 l They were wel minded to heare him: which preparation is here called (althogh improperly) faith.

33 m He sheweth vnto them that they haue no power ouer him, til the time come that his Father hathe ordeined.

35 n Among the Jewes which were scatered here and there among the Gentiles.

38 o The true way to come to Christ, is by faith.

39 q These were the visible graces, which were giuen to the Apostles after his asscension.

40 r They loked for some notable Prophet besides the Messias, {chap. 1,21}

46 s Wherein appeareth the mightie power of Christs worde against his enemies.

47 ! The Pharises rebuke the officers because they haue not taken him.

48 t They alledge the autoritie of man against Gods autoritie.

52 ! And chide with Nicodemus for taking his parte.