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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 6

1 b Tiberias, Bethsaida,, and Capernaum were on this side the lake, in respect of Galile: but it is here said that he went ouer, because there were diuers crikes & turnings, ouer the which men feried.

1 a Called the lake of Gennesareth.

7 c This summe amounteth to about fiue pounde sterling.

10 ! Jesus fedeth fiue thousand men with fiue loaues & two fishes.

11 d Praier and thankesgiuing do sanctifie our meates wherewith we are nourished.

12 e The abundant store of Gods giftes oght not to make vs prodigal to waste them.

15 f Thei imagined an earthlie kingdome without the testimonie of Gods worde, so that by this meanes his spiritual kingdome shulde haue bene abolished.

15 ! He departeth awaye, that thei shulde not make him King.

22 i Wherefore it must nedes followe that Christ passed miraculously.

25 k This was not straight ouer the lake from side to side, but ouer a crike or arme of the lake, which saued muche labour to them that shulde haue gone about by land.

26 ! He reproueth the fleshlie hearers of his worde.

27 m For when he appointed him to be the Mediator, he set his marke & seale in him to be the onelie one to reconcil God & man together.

32 o He compareth Moses with the Father, & manna with Christ, who fedeth vs into euerlasting life, {1Cor. 10,3}

37 q God doeth regenerate his elect, & causeth them to obey the Gospel.

44 s By lightening his heart with his holie Spirit.

49 t Then there is no fode that can nourish our soules, but Jesus Christ.

56 y As our bodies are susteined with meat & drinke: so are our soules nourished with the bodie, and blood of Jesus Christ.

56 x To eat the flesh of Christ and drinke his blood, is to dwell in Christ and to haue Christ dwelling in vs.

62 b He meaneth not that his humanitie descended from heauen: but he speaketh touching the vnion of bothe natures, attributing to the one that which apperteineth to the other.

63 c To wit, if it be separate from the Spirit, whereof it hathe the force: for it cometh of the power of the Spirit that the flesh of Christ giueth vs life.

68 d Then without Christ there is but death: for his worde onely leadeth vs to life.

70 e Althogh your nomber be smale, yet shal ye be diminished.