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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 5

2 b Which signifieth the house of powring out, because the water ranne out by conduits.

2 a Where the shepe were washed, that shulde be sacrificed.

3 ! He healeth the man that was sicke eight and thirtie yeres.

8 c This was, to the end that the miracle might be so euident, that no man colde speake against it.

14 d The afflictions that we endure, are chastisements for our sinnes.

18 f It was lawful for all Israel to call God their Father, {Exod. 4, 22}, but because Christ did attribute to him self, that he had power ouer all things, and wroght as his Father did, thei gathered that Christ did not onely make him self the Sonne of God, but also equal with him.

19 ! Christ answereth for him self,m and reproueth them

20 g That is, he doeth communicate with him, hauing the same power and the same wil.

31 m Christ had respect to their weakenes, that heard him, and therefore said his owne witnes shulde not be sufficient.

35 n But ye left him quickely & did not perseuere.

43 p The people are more readie to receiue false prophetes, then Jesus Christ.

44 q Vaine glorie is a great let for a man to come to God.

45 r As Moses shal accuseth them that trust in him: so they shal haue no greater enemies at the daye of judgement, then the uirgine Marie & the Saintes vpon whome now thei call: but whosoeuer doeth accuse, Christ & their owne conscience shal condemne the reprobate.