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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 4

1 ! The communication of Christ with the woman of Samaria.

6 b Euen wearie as he was.

9 d For the Jewes estemed the Samaritans as wicked, and prophane.

10 f Which is the loue of God in his Sonne powred into our hearts by the holie Gost vnto euerlasting life, {Rom. 5, 5, 1 John 3, 5}}

10 / Or, the liuelie water.

10 e Meaning of him self whome his Father had sent to conuert this woman.

14 h He shal neuer be dryed vp or destitute.

19 i Til she was liuely touched with her fautes, she mocked and wolde not heare Christ.

24 k God being of spiritual nature, requireth a spiritual seruice, and agreable to his nature.

34 l There is nothing, that I hunger for more, or wherein I take greater pleasure.

36 m Without grudging the one at the others labour.

39 o The Samaritans shewed them selues willing to receue his doctrine who being but strangers and skarsely knowing Christ, are a condemnation to the Jewes, & all others, which neglect Gods worde when it is offered.

39 ! The conuersion of the Samaritans.

44 q Here by his owne countrey he meaneth Jerusalem, & the countrey about.

46 r The worde signifieth royal or one of the Kings court: & it semeth, that he was one of Herods court, who was in great estimation with Herode, whome the people called King, {Mar. 6,14}

47 / Or, come.