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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 23

1 a Who was the chief gouernour, and had the examinacion of matters of life & death.

1 ! Jesus is broght before Pilate and Herode.

7 b To rid his hands, and to gratifie Herode.

8 / Or, miracle.

9 d For Christ came not to defend himself, nehter yet wolde please the vaine curiositie of this tyrant.

11 e Communely this was a to be of honour, or excellencie: but it was giuen to Christ in mockage.

11 / Or, in bright colour.

17 f For the Romains had giuen suche franches & liberties to the Jewes, which was but a tradition, & not according to the worde of God.

22 g The judge giueth sentence with Christ, before he condemneth him, whereby plainely appeareth Jesus innocencie.

31 h If the innocent be thus handled, what shal the wicked man be?

33 ! Christ crucified.

35 i Whome God hathe before all others appointed to be the Messias: othewise the Scriptures calleth them the elect of God, whome he hathe chosen before all beginning to life euerlasting.

36 k Mixt with myrrhe & gall to hasten his death.

38 l That the thing might be knowen to all nacions, because these thre languages were moste commune.

40 ! He conuerteth the thefe & manie others at his death.

40 m The condemnacion which thou now suffrest, causeth it thee not to feare God?

47 o The Romaine Captaine who had charge ouer an hundreth men.

51 p He loked for the redemer, by whome all shulde be restored.

54 q When men prepared all things readie for the feast.

54 r That is, began the same euening.