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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 24

1 a Which was the first day after the first Sabbath of the feast.

1 ! The women come to the graue.

13 ! Christ appeareth vnto the two disciples that go towarde Emmaus.

14 d Hereby appeareth that they had faith, althogh it was weake.

16 e This declareth that we can nether se, nor vnderstand til God open our eyes.

18 f For the thing was so notorious, that all men might haue knowen it.

21 g They vnderstode not yet what was the deliuerance that Jesus Christ purchased for vs, but loked for some worldelie prosperitie.

27 i Christ onely is the interpreter of the Scriptures: for bothe the beginning and end thereof direct vs to him, because he is the Sauiour that is promised.

28 k Because Christ did bothe shut their eyes and open them, he wolde kepe them in suspens til his time came to manifest him self vnto them.

30 l According to the custome: the which maner of praying before meales they vse to this day.

36 ! He standeth in the middes of his disciples, and openeth their understanding in the Scriptures.

49 n Which was til witsontide, when the holie Gost was sent from heauen.