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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 22

1 a The feast was so called, because they colde eat no leauened bread for the space of seuen daies: for so long the feast of the Passeouer continued.

4 ! Conspiracie against Christ.

5 c For thei were in doute what way to take before this occasion was offred.

7 d According to Gods commandement which was first to offer it, and after to eat it.

14 e Which was in the euening about the twyelight, which time was appointed to eat the Passeouer.

16 f He meaneth that this is the last time that he wolde be conuersant with them as he was before, or so eat with them.

19 g The bread is a true signe, and an assured testimonie that the bodie of Jesus Christ is giuen for the nouriture of our soules: likewise the wine signifieth that his blood is our drinke to refreshe and quicken vs euerlastingly.

19 ! The institucion of the Lords Supper.

20 h The signe of the new couenant which is established & ratified by Christs blood.

24 ! They striue who shalbe greatest, and he reproueth them.

25 k Meaning that thei haue vain & flattering titles giuen them, for asmuche as they are nothing lesse then their names do signifie.

30 l By these similitudes he declareth that they shalbe partakers of his glorie: for in heauen is nether eating nor drinking.

31 m Satan seketh by all meanes to disquiet the Church of Christ, to disperse it, and to shake it from the true faith.

32 n It was sore shaken, but yet not ouerthrowen.

36 o By this he sheweth them that they must susteine great troubles and afflictions.

38 p They were yet so rude that they thoght to haue resisted with material weapons, whereas Christ warneth them of a spiritual fight, wherein aswel their life as faith shulde be in danger.

42 q Meaning, his death and passion.

44 r The worde signifieth that horrour that Christ had conceiued not onely for feare of death, but of his fathers judgement & wrath against sinne.

53 s For now God gaue libertie to Satan whose ministers they were, to execute his rage against him: which thing we se is gouerned by the prouidence of God.

54 ! They take him, & bring him to the hie Priest house.

60 ! Peter denieth him thrise, and yet repenteth.

64 t Thei skoffed at him, because the people thoght he was a Prophet.

67 u The asked not the end that the trueth might be knowen, (for the thing was to manifest) but for malice thei bare towardes Christ.

67 ! Christ is broght before the Council, where he maketh ample confession.

69 y As in the seconde place of honour & dignitie.

69 x As this second coming.