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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 17

2 ! Christ teacheth disciples to auoide occasions of offence,

2 a That is, to turne him backe from the knowledge of God, and his saluacion.

4 b That is, manie times: for by a certeine nonber he meaneth an vncerteine.

6 c That is, if thei had neuer so litle of pure and perfite faith.

6 d Meaning, thei shulde do wonderful and incredible things.

6 ! He magnifieth the vertue of faith

8 e Hereby is declared that it is not ynough to do a piece of our duetie for a time, but also we must continue to the end.

10 f For God receiueth nothing of vs, whereby he shulde stand bounde vnto vs.

14 g To whome it did apperteine to judge of the leprosie, {Leui. 14, 2}: and hereby also the Priests shulde haue no occasion to grudge, or murmure.

17 h He noteth hereby their ingratitude, & that the greatest parte neglect the benefites of God.

20 i It can not be decerned by anie outwarde shew, or maiestie, whereby it might the rather be knowen.

20 ! Speaketh of the latter dayes, nd of the end of the worlde.

21 k Ether by reason of the worde of God, which is receiued by faith, or that the Messias, whome thei soght, as absent, is now present, euen within their owne dores, and yet they knowe him not, {John 1:11}

22 l He speaketh of his first comming into the worlde.

24 m Meaning his seconde comming, wherein he shal appeare in glorie.

26 n When men contemned the judgement of God, wherewith they were before menaced.

31 o We must forget that which we haue left behinde vs to the end, that we may the better followe to heauenlie vocacion.

33 p This corporal death shal engendre life euerlasting.

34 q He meaneth that no bande or conjunction is so strait that shulde stay vs.

35 / Two shalbe in the field: one shalbe receiued, & another shal be left.

36 r Nothing can hinder the faithful to be joyned to their head Jesus Christ: for thei shal gather vnto him, as the rauening birdes about a carian.