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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 18

1 a The Greke worde signifieth, not to shrinke backe as cowards do in warre, or to giue place in afflictions or dangers.

2 ! By the example of the widowe, and the Publicane Christ teacheth how to pray.

3 b Who pleadeth against me.

11 d Whereby he declared his proude, & disdainful heart.

13 e These were signes of an humble and lowlie heart.

15 f The worde signifieth yong suckling babes which thei caryed in their armes.

15 ! By the example of children he exhorteth to humilitie.

16 g He meaneth the nources or them that bare the babes, whome the Apostles rebuked.

16 h He comprehendeth as wel them that are infants of age, as them also, which are like vnto infants in simplicitie and plainenes.

17 i Signifying that they oght to lay aside all malice and pride.

18 ! Of the way to be saued, and what things let.

19 k Because communely they abused this worde, Jesus sheweth him that he colde not confesse him to be good except also he acknowledge tht he was God.

27 l For he so goueraeth the hearts of his, that their riches do not blinde them.

30 m The litle that a man hathe with the grace of God, is an hundreth folde better then all the abundance that one can haue without him: but the chief recompense is in heauen.

39 n The people vsed to call Messias by this Name, because they knewe he shulde come of the stocke of Dauid, {Psal. 132,11 act. 2, 30}

43 o He was mindeful of the benefite receiued & also the people were moued thereby to glorifie God.