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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 16

1 a Christ teacheth hereby, that likewise as he which is in autoritie & hathe riches, if he get friends in his prosperitie, may be relieued in his aduersitie: so our liberalitie towards your neighbour shal stand vs in suche steade at the day of judgement that God wil accept it as done vnto him.

1 ! Christ exhorteth his to wisdome and liberalitie by the example of the steward.

8 b God, who doeth here represent the master of the house, doeth rather commende the prodigal waster of his goods, & liberal giuing of the same to the poore, then the strait keping & hurding of them

9 c That is, ether wickedly gotten or wickedly kept, or wickedly spent: & hereby we be warned to suspect riches which for the moste parte are an occasion to their possessurs of great wickednes.

11 d Thei which can not wel be stowe or worldelie goods, wil bestowe euil spiritual treasures & therefore they oght not to be committed vnto them.

12 f Christ calleth the gifts, which he giueth vnto vs, ours.

12 e As are riches and suche like things, which God hathe giuen not for your selues onely, but to bestowe vpon others.

14 g Because thei judged no man happie, but those that were riche.

14 ! He reproueth the couetousnes and hypocrisie of the Pharises.

15 h Which loue outwarde appearance, and vaine glorie.

16 i Their zeale is so inflamed, that thei followe the Gospel without respect of worldlie things.

16 ! Of the end and force of the Law.

18 ! Of the holie state of mariage.

19 l By this storie is declared what phuishement thei shal haue, which liue deliciously & neglect the poore.

19 ! Of the riche and Lazarus.

22 m As the fathers in the olde Law were said to be gathered into the bosome of Abraham, because thei receiued the frute of the same faith with him: so in the newe Testament we say that the members of Christ are joyned to their head, or gathered vnto him.

22 n Whereby is signified that moste blessed life, which they that dye in the faith that Abraham did shal enjoye after this worlde.

24 o Christ desscribeth spiritual things by suche maner of speache, as is moste propre to our vnderstanding for our soules haue nether fingers nor eyes, nether are they thirstie or speake: but the Lord as it were in a table, painteth for the state of the lite to come, as our capacitie is able to comprehend it.

25 / Or, good things.

25 p In calling him sonne, he ??? his vaine boasting, who in his life vanted him self to be the sonne of Abraham: warning vs also hereby how litle glorious titles auaile.

29 q Which declareth that it is to late to be instructed by the dead, if in their life time thei can not profite by the liuelie word of God.

29 r As faith cometh by Gods worde, so is it mainteined by the same. So that nether we oght to loke for Angels from heauen, or the dead to confirme vs therein, but onelie the worde of God is sufficient to life euerlasting.