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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 15

2 ! The Pharises murmure because Christ receiueth sinners.

4 ! The louing mercie of God is openly set forthe in the parable of the hundreth shepe,

7 a Which justice them selues, & knowe not their owne fautes.

7 ! Joye in heauen for one sinner.

8 b The worde is drachma, which is some what more in value then fyue pence of olde sterling money, & was equal with a Romaine penie.

12 c This declareth that we oght not to desire to haue our portion separate from God except we wil lose all.

13 d The Greke worde signifieth, so to waste all that a man reserueth nothing to himself.

20 g God preuenteth vs and heareth our gronings before we crye to him.

21 h He was touched with the feeling of his sinne & therefore was ashamed thereof, and heauie in heart.

25 i God reproueth the enuie of suche as grudge when God receiueth sinners to mercie.

31 k Thy parte, which are a Jewe, is nothing diminished by that that Christ was also killed for the Gentiles: for he accepteth not the persone but feedeth indifferently all them that beleue in him, with his bodie and blood to life euerlasting.