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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 14

1 / Or, take his refection.

8 a He reproueth their ambition, which desire to fit in the hiest places.

8 ! Teacheth to be lowlie & to bid the poore to our table.

12 b Christ reprehendeth onely the blindely the blinde affection of man, which regardeth nothing but a worldelie recompense.

16 c He casteth the Jewes in the teeth with their ingratitude, which wolde not eat of those holie meates of Gods worde, which was presented vnto them, & whereunto they were bid a long time before.

21 d Here is signified the calling of the Gentiles.

23 f This compulsion cometh of the feling of the power of Gods worde, after that his worde hathe bene preached.

23 e God wil rather receuie all the raskal people of the worlde to his banket, then them which are vnthankful.

26 g That is, he that casteth not of all affections and desires which drawe vs from Christ.

28 h He that wil professe the Gospel, muste diligently consider what his profession requireth, & not rashely to take in hand so great an enterprise: nether yet when he hathe taken in hand, in anie case to forsake it.

28 ! He warneth them that wil followe him, to lay their accountes before, what it wil cost them.

34 k He that is not persuaded to leaue all at euerie houre to bestoew him self frankely in Gods seruice.

34 / Or, seasoned.

34 ! The salt of the earth.