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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 10

1 ! He sendeth the seuentie before him to preache, and giueth them a charge how to behaue them selues.

2 a Meaning a great nomber of people, which are readie to be broght vnto God.

3 c Not that they shal hurt you but that you shalbe preserued by my prouidence.

4 d He willeht that thie shulde dispatche this journey with diligence not occupying them selues about other dueties.

5 e It was their maner of salutacion whereby they wished helth & felicitie.

6 f Which loueth the doctrine of peace & the Gospel.

7 g He wold not that they shulde tary long in one towne, nether yet to be careful to change their lodging.

8 h Doute not to receiue nourishement of them, for whome you trauail.

11 i God did present him self vnto you by his messengers and wolde haue reigned ouer you.

13 ! He threateneth the obstinate.

14 l The mo benefites that God bestoweth vpon anie people, the more doeth their ingratitude deserue to be punished.

18 m The power of Satan is beaten down by the preaching of the Gospel.

21 n He attributeth it to the free election of God, that the wose & worldling knowe not the Gospel, & yet the poore hase people vnderstand it.

21 ! He giueth thankes to his heauenlie Father.

21 / Or, in his minde.

22 o Christ is our onlie meane to receiue God mercies by.

22 p Therefore we uste esteme him as the fathers voyce hathe taught vs, & not according to mans judgement.

29 r For thei counted no man their neighbour, but their friend.

31 s For so it semed to mans judgement, althogh this was so appointed by Gods counsel and prouidence.

31 t He priuely noteth the great crueltie, which was among this people & cheifly the gouernours.

33 ! And by the example of the Samaritane sheweth who is a mans neighbour.

33 u This nacion was odious to the Jewes.

37 y Helpe him which hathe nede or thee althogh you knowe him not.

41 z For she forgate the principal, which was to heare Gods worde.

42 a It was not mete that she shulde haue bene drawen from so profitable a thing, whereunto she colde not alwaies haue opportunitie.