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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 9

2 ! He sendeth out the twelue Apostles to preache.

3 a To the end they might do their charge with greater diligence when they had nothing to let them.

3 / Or, poddes.

4 b He willeth them not to tary long, but to preache from town to towne.

5 c Which was a signe of detestation, and of the vengeance which was prepared for such contemners of Gods benefites which are vnworthie that one shulde receiue any thing at their hands.

12 ! He feedeth fiue thousand men with fiue loaues, & two fishes.

13 d Christ forsaketh not them that followe him, but sendeth them sufficient relief.

23 f For he knewe best his conuenient time which was appointed for him to be manifested in.

23 g For as one day followeth another, so doeth one crosse followe in the necke of another.

27 h Established and enlarged by the preaching of the Gospel.

31 i That is, what yssue he shulde haue and how he shulde dye.

34 k For otherwayes they had not bene able to comprehend his great maiestie.

36 l Thei conceled it til Christs resurrection as Marke writteth.

41 m Vnder the colour that his disciples colde not heale the sicke man, he reproueth them, which wolde haue diminished his autoritie.

45 n They were so blinded with this opinion that Christ shulde haue a temporal kingdome, that they wolde not vnderstand when he spake of his death.

50 o Forasmuche as he letteth vs not, & God is glorified by his occasion.

53 q Or face, or apparel: for they knewe he was a Jewe, & as touching the smaritans opinion of the Temple, read {John 4,20}: also thei hated the Jewes because they differed from them in relgion.

54 ! They desire vengeance, but he reproueth them.

55 r He reproueth their rashe & carnal affection which were not led with Elias spirit.

58 f We must not followe Christ for rishes and commodities, but prepare our selues to pouertie and to the crosse by his example.

59 t That is, til he be dead & I haue done my duetie to him in burying him.

60 u We may not follow what semeth best to vs, but onely Gods calling & here by dead he meaneth those that are vnprofitable to serue God.

62 x To be hindered, or entangeled with respect of anie worldie commoditie, or staied to go forwarde for anie paine, or trouble.