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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 11

0 !

1 a Or euerie day, or asmuche as is sufficient for this day.

5 b By this similitude he teacheth vs that we oght not to be discouraged, if we obteine not in continently that which we demande.

13 e The chiefest thing that we can desire of God, is his holie Spirit.

20 e The finger of God is taken for the vertue and power of God. And the vertue of the Father and the Sonne is the holie Gost: for so Matthew doeth interpret this place.

21 f The worde signifieth, an entrie or porche before an house.

21 / Or, safetie.

23 g They that do not wholy applye them selues to destroy the kingdome of Satan, can not be counted to be on Christs side but are his aduersaries: how muche more is he against him that maketh open warre with him as Satan doeth?

24 h To the intent that he might worke according to his malicious nature.

26 k If by infidelitie we turne backe from God, Satan hathe greater power ouer vs then he had before.

26 l He meaneth an infinite nomber.

28 m Christ gaue her a priuie taunt for that she omitted the chief praise which was due vnot him: that was, that they are blessed in deed to whome he communicateth him self by his worde.

34 n Because it shulde guide and lead the bodie.

34 o Without spot or vice.

37 ! He eateth with the Pharise, and reproueth the hypocrisie of the Pharises, Scribes and hypocrites.

41 p Christ here requireth two things: first that we come truely by our meat and drinke: and next that we distribute parte to the pore: for charitie is the perfection of the Lawe.

41 / Or, of that that you haue.

42 q He wolde not breake the very least commandement before all things were accomplished: but taught them to sicke to the chiefest & not preferre the inferior ceremonies which must quickely be abolished.

42 / Or, that which is just & right.

44 r Whose stinke and infection appeare not suddenly.

47 s Whereby you kepe in remembrance the execrable dedes of your fathers.

48 t You shewe your selues as great hypocrites as were your fathers, making men beleue ye honour God when you dishonour him.

48 u They were more curious to buylde their graues then to followe their doctrine.

51 x Because they were culpable of the same faute that their ancestors were.

52 y They hid & toke away the pure doctrine & true vnderstanding of the Scriptures.