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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 13

5 a He doeth answer them of things that were more necessarie for them to know then the things that they demanded.

9 ! The persectuions and false Prophetes which shal be before the comming of Christ, whose houre is vncerteine.

11 d He onely forbiddeth the care which cometh of distrust.

11 e This is not to make them negligent, but to assure them and instruct them sufficiently with answers, so that thei may hereby perceiue that their defence standeth not in their owne wisdome, or eloquence.

14 f This is ment of that time that the Romains shulde profane the Temple.

14 g Because the destruction shal be moste extreme and cruel.

18 i That you haue no let to hinder you when you shulde escape.

22 k The elect may wauer & be troubled, but they can not vtterly be deceiued, and ouercome.

23 l Wherefore he that suffreth him self now to be seduced, hathe none excuse.

25 m This teacheth that there shalbe a change of the whole ordre of nature.

30 n The worde signifieth the space of a 100 yeres: albeit this came to passe before fiftie yeres.

32 o When the destruction of Jerusalem, the persecutions and illusions shal come: but chiefly these are vnderstand of the second comming of Christ.

35 q For of the comming we are most assured: but of the time, the yere, the day or houre, we are ignorant, and therefore must watch continually.