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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 14

3 ! Marie Magdalene anointeth Christ.

5 c To wit, Judas: who was offended therewith, and therefore made a busines.

10 d He toke occasion by this oyntment as of a thing euil done.

20 e To dip the hand, is as muche to say, as he that is accustomed to eate with me.

21 f This declareth that nothing can be done with out Gods prouidence.

22 g Read {Matth. Chap. 26, 26}

23 h The Greke worde is to blesse, which is here taken onely to giue thankes as S. Luk & S. Paul interprete it, & S. Marke also speaking of the cuppe.

27 i That is, turned from me, because of the persecution.

33 k His diuinitie was as it were hid, & his humanitie shewed it self fully.

36 l Ab in Ebrewe, & Abba in the Syrian tongue signifieth Father.

36 m He standeth not so to his owne wil, but that willingly he offreth him self to obey God.

41 n He meaneth that the houre wil come when they shalbe kept from sleping.

44 o It was the facion then to grete with kissing at their meetings, & also at their departure.

45 p He repeteth it twise, as if he had bene moued with a certeine pitie in taking his last leaue.

47 r Called Malchus.

49 s Which declareth that no man can do anie thing contrarie to Gods ordinance.

53 u That is, thei which had chiefest autoritie among the Priests.

54 x Which signified that his hot zeale began now to be abated.

56 / Or, were not like.

58 y These two witnesses dissented, in that the one reported that Christ said, he colde destroye the Temple (as Mat writeth) & the other said, that he heard him saye, that he wolde do it as is here noted.

61 z that is, or God, who is worthie all praise: the which worde in thier language the Jewes when they speake of God vse communely in their writings euen to this day.

62 a Whome thei now contemned in this base estate, thei shulde se appeare at the last day with majestie and glorie.

65 b This declareth the wickednes & insolencie of the gouernours, & rulers, seing their officers contrarie to all justice, thus raged & tormented him, that was innocent.

68 d Peter prepareth him self to flee if he were further laied vnto.

68 c We oght to consider our owne infirmitie, that we may learne onely to trust in God, and not in our owne strength.