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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 12

1 a The Greke worde signifieth the vessel or fat, which standeth vnder the winepresse to receiue the joyce or licour.

1 ! The vindyarde is let out.

9 b He sheweth the plague that shal befale these ambitious & couetous rulers, whose hearts are hardened against Christ.

11 c It is the ordinance of God that it shulde be so, which moste communely is contrarie to mans reason: & thus that which was spoken figuratiuely of Dauid, is fulfilled in Christ, read {Matth. 22,16}

14 d As the qualities of the minde or bodie, or of outward things.

14 e As godlie manners, agreable to Gods Law.

14 ! Obedience and tribute due to princes.

15 f He gaue them to vnderstand that he knewe their malicious intent.

19 g This was a politike law giuen for a time for the preseruation of families, read {mat. 22,24}

25 h Not as touching the spiritual nature, but concerning the state of incorruption, and immortalitie, so that then there shal nede no more mariage.

27 i Then it followeth that they liue, although they be disceased oinly of this life.

31 k That is, dependeth on the first and procedeth of the loue of God.

33 l He meaneth all the ceremonies of the Law, wherein the hypocrites put great holines.

34 m Because he shewed him self willing to be taught and wel perceiued the difference betwixt our outwarde profession, and that which God doeth principally require of vs.

36 n Inspired by the holie Gost and by the Spirit of prophecie.

38 o He condemneth not their apparel, but their vaine ostentation and outwarde shewe of holines, whereby they deceiued the simple people.

38 ! Hypocrites must be eschewed.

43 q Our Sauiour estemeth our giftes by our affections and ready willes.