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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 11

2 a Christ sheweth by this poore entrie the state of his kingdome, and it is not like to the great magnificence of this worlde.

8 b Euerie one shewed some signe of honour and reuerence.

10 c Many came in their owne name, but Christ came in the Name of the Lord.

10 d Because the promes was made to him.

14 f This was to declare how much they displease God which haue but an outwarde shewe & appearance with frute.

15 ! The biers and sellers are cast out of the Temple.

18 g For nether colde they suffer reprehension, nor that their profite shulde be hindered.

22 h Christ taketh occasion to instruct them of the vertue of faith.

24 i He teacheth vs not hereby to aske whatsoeuer semeth good in our fantasies: for our prayer must be grounded on faith and our faith vpon the worde of God.

24 ! He declareth the vertue of faith and how we shulde pray.

30 k He comprehendeth his whole office, and ministerie.

33 l They came of malice, and not to learne: therefore Christ thoght them vnworthie to be taught.