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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 10

6 a The true way to amende abuses is to returne to the institution of thinges, and to trie them by Gods worde.

11 b For the seconde is not his wife, but his harlot.

15 c We must be regenerat and voide of all pride, and concupiscence.

16 d It was vsual with the Jewes that the greater shulde blesse the inferior {Eb. 7,7} therefore Christ, being head of his Church, did by a soleme kinde of prayer offer vp and consecrat the babes to God.

18 e Christ wolde shewe that his goodnes was farre other wayes then the goodnes which is attributed to men which is ful of vanitie & hypocrisie

21 g He toucheth his maladie, & fore, which before he felt not.

21 f That is, he approued certeine good seed that was in him, which gaue him a little motion.

25 h Which putteth his trust in riches.

27 l For he can giue grace to the riche to cause him to enjoye his riches, as if he had them not.

30 k We must not measure these promises by our owne couetous desires, but referre the accomplishement to Gods wil, who euen in our persecutions and afflictions performeth the same so farre as they be expedient. Let vs therefore learne to haue ynough and to want, that being tryed, we may enjoye treasures in heauen.

31 l He saith this because they that are first called, shulde go stil forwarde and not disdaine others.

38 m Can you be partakers of my crosse and afflictions.

43 o Christ worde not that his disciples and ministers shulde beare rule as worldelie gouernours do.

46 p The other Euangelistes mencion two, but Marke nameth him that was moste knowen.

48 q The more that Satan resisteth vs, the more our faith oght to increase.