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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 9

1 a The preaching of the Gospel receiued & increased: he spake this to comforte them, & that they shulde not thinke thei trauailed in vaine.

3 b Christ sheweth his maiestie so farre as their infirmitie was able to comprehend it.

6 c Peter measured this vision according to his owne capacitie, not considering the end thereof.

7 d Christ onely must be the chief teacher & instructour of all them, which profes them selues to be his members, seing that God the Father giueth him this autoritie & commandeth vs this obedience.

7 ! Christ is to be heard.

11 e Their false opinion was that ether Elias shulde rise againe from the dead, or that his soule shulde enter into soem other bodie.

18 h When the spirit cometh vpon him, he teareth him with inward sorow & pangs as in aco like a man feeleth suche grief, as if his bowels were rent a sunder.

19 i It semeth that this man deserued not so sharpe an answer: but Christ speaketh in his persone to the Pharises, which were stubburne & desperate.

23 l All things that are agreable to the wil of God, shalbe granted to him that beleueth: for faith seketh nothing, that is contrarie to his wil, or that is not reueiled in his worde.

23 k The Lord is euer readie to help vs, for that we put him not backe through our incredulitie.

24 m That is, the feblenes, and imperfection of my faith.

26 n Meaning, the childe.

29 o Meaning, that prayer which is surely grounded vpon faith and hathe fasting joyned vnto it as a profitable aide.

32 p Because thei imagined that Christ shulde reigne temporally, this matter of his death was so strange, that they colde perceiue nothing.

37 q To wit, onely as man, but as him in whome is all perfection & fulnes of all graces & benefites.

40 r Althogh he shewe not him self to be myne, yet in that he beareth reuerence to my Name, it is ynough for vs.

43 s It is a maner of speache, which signifieth, that we shulde cut of all things, which hinder vs to serue Christ.

44 t These similitudes declare the paines, & eternal tormentes of the damned.

49 u He teacheth that it is better to be sacrificed to God by salte & fyre, that is, to be purged, & sanctified, then to be sent into hel fyre.

50 x They which destroye the grace that thei haue receiued of God, are as salte, which hathe lost it sauour and are worse then infideltes.