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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 5

7 b God abuseth the Name of God, to mainteine his tyrannie.

7 / Or, adjure thee to sweare by God.

7 a The deuil is constrained to confesse Jesus Christ, & yet ceaseth not to resist him.

8 ! Jesus casteth the deuils out of the man and suffereth them to enter into the swine.

9 c A Legion conteined aboue 6000 in nomber, read {Mat, 26,53}

13 / Or, in the lake.

17 d Marke how loue of riches and worldelie respects hinder men to receiue Christ.

17 e The worldelings more esteme their swine, then they do Jesus Christ.

19 f We must declare vnto others the benefites which God sheweth towardes vs, that thereby they may giue him praise and glorie.

27 g Her faith broght her to Christ and moued her to approche nere vnto him, & not a superstitious opinion, to attribute any vertue to his garment.

29 / Or, knewe.

29 / Or, fountaine.

39 h He ment, she was not dead to remaine so because she shulde incontinently be restored againe to life.

40 k That is, his thre disciples.