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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 4

2 ! By the parables of the sede, and the mustarde corne, Christ sheweth the state of the kingdome of God.

2 a It is called Christs doctrine, either for that he was accustomed to speake vnto them by similitudes: or els because it had that vertue & majestie that men colde not denie but it came from heauen.

2 / Or, as he taught.

9 b For God doeth not open all mens heartes to vnderstand his mysteries.

11 d And are not of the nomber of the faithful, nether atteine to the pith and substance, but onely staye in the outwarde rinde and barke.

11 ! A special gift of God to knowe the mysteries of his kingdome.

11 c Which are led by the Spirit of God.

21 e Christ setteth before their eyes the true patron of a christian life.

21 / Or, boght.

22 f We may not take occasion to do euil vnder colour to hide our doings: for all shal be disclosed at length.

24 g If you do your endeuour faithfully, ye shal be recompensed justely.

26 i These two similtudes following proue, that althogh the kingdome of God semeth to haue very litle appearance or beginning, yet God doeth increase it aboue mans reason.

26 k If the ministers do their duetie, God wil giue the increase.

37 ! He stilleth the tempeste of the sea which obeyed him.

38 m Christ leaueth vs often times to our selues bothe aswel that we may learne to knowe our owne weakenes, as his mightie power.