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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Mark 6

2 a Christ is neglected of his owne friends and kinsfolkes.

2 / Or, cousin.

2 / Or, miracles.

3 r Christ beareth with the infirmitie of his seruants, & bringeth them to quietnes, that he may instruct them & make them strong against troubles.

3 b That which oght to moue them to come to Christ, causeth them to go backe from him, which cometh of their owne wickednes.

4 ! How Christ and his are receiued in their owne countrey.

5 d Lacke of faith maketh vs vnable to receiue Gods benefites.

8 e Christ onely orbiddeth them to carye anie thing, which might be burdenous, or hinder their message.

9 f Which were a kinde of light shoes tied to the feete with strings.

10 g He forbiddeth curiositie in changing their lodginges in this their speady message.

11 h In token of execration, & of the horrible vengeance of God which shal light vpon them.

13 i The oyle was a signe of this miraculous working, and not a medicine to heale diseases: so that the gift of miracles ceasing, the ceremonie is to no vse.

15 k Meaning, of the olde Prophetes.

16 l They had then this commune error, that they thoght the soules being departed out of one bodie went straight into another.

18 m The libertie that John vsed to reproue vice without acception of persone, declareth how the true ministers oght to behaue them selues.

20 n Suche is the nature of Gods worde, that it compelleth the verie tyrants to reuerence it: as no doute the King had some good motions, but the seede fel in stonie places & so toke not roote.

28 p Joseph calleth her name Salomen, the daughter of Philippe, and Herodias.

30 q The Apostles rendre counte of their message, which is to declare their fidelitie and obedience.

34 s This declareth that there is an horrible disordre among that people, where the true preaching of Gods worde wanteth.

39 / Or, by table fulls: for in euerie ranke were as manie as a table colde holde.

40 u The Greke worde signifieth suche beddes as are made in a garden, so that the companie, which were there set, might seme as rowes or orders of beddes in a garden.

48 x Which was about two or thre houres before day.

50 y Christ assureth his & maketh them bolde, bothe by his worde, and mightie power.

52 z They had for got the miracle which was wroght with the fiue loaues.

56 a Not for anie suche vertue that was in his garment, but for the confidence which they had in him.

56 / Or, markets.