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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 22

3 a Christ reprocheth the Jewes of their ingratitude & obstinate malice, in that they rejected the grace of God, which was so plentifully offered vnto them.

10 c The ingratitude of them which are bid, can not cause Gods likberalitie & his holie meates to perish, which he hathe prepared for his.

10 d In the Church the hypocrites are mixed with the godlie.

11 e He had not a pure affection & vpright conscience, which proceded of faith.

12 f Thogh God suffre for a time hypocrites in the Church, yet he knoweth how to trie them, & fanne them out.

16 h These were certeine flaterers of the court, which euer mainteined that religion, which King Herode best approued: and thogh they were enemies to the Pharises: yet in this thing thei consented, thinking to intangle Christ, and so ether to accuse him of treason, or to bring him into the hatred of all his people.

16 i As touching the outwarde qualitie, as whether a man be riche or poore.

19 k Which was of value about foure pence halfe penie.

24 l By the title of aliance: and here by brother he meaneth the next kinsman, that lawfully might marie her.

24 / Or, sonnes.

29 m Where Gods worde is not preached and vnderstand, there must nedes reigne blindenes and errours.

30 n Forasmuche as thei shalbe exempted from the infirmities of this present life.

43 p By the spirit of prophecie speaking of the kingdome of Christ.

44 q By the right hand is signified the autoritie and power, which God giueth his Sonne Christ in making him his lieutenant & gouernour ouer his Church.

44 r Not that his kingdome shal then end: but the office of his humanitie shal cease, and he with the Father and holie Gost shal reigne for euer as one God all in all.

45 s Christ is Dauids sone touching his manhode, and his Lord, concerning his Godhead.