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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 21

2 a By this entrie Christ wolde shewe take state and condition of his kingdome, which is farre contrarie to the pompe and glorie of the worlde.

5 c It is a maner of speache called synechdoche, whereby two are taken for one.

7 ! Christ rideth into Jerusalem on an asse.

9 e Which is to say, Saue I pray thee, desiring God to prosper & sende good successe to the Messias.

9 f For God which is in heauen, must onely saue.

12 ! The byers and sellers are chased out of the Temple.

13 h Vnder the pretence of re relligion hypocrites seke their owne gaine, and spoyle God of his true worship.

16 k In Ebrewe it is, hast ordeined or grounded the strength: which is all to one purpose, because God is then moste praised when his strength is best knowen.

16 i If God reueile his glorie & might by babes, that cannot as yet speake, is it marueil, if they that can speake, do set forth, and magnifie the same?

25 ! Johns baptisme

26 m The hypocrites feare man more then God, & malice neuer justifieth trueth.

31 n So farre it is impossible for them to repent & be saued, that stande in their owne conceite, that the greatest sinners that are, shal more sone come to repentance.

32 o God taught by John the way of righteousnes, whose life was vpright and perfite.

33 p The vineyarde is the people, whome he had elected.

33 q Vsed all meanes to preserue it, and to make it fruteful.

33 / Or, digged.

42 x To fallen & joyne the buylding together, & to vpholde the whole.

42 ! The corner stone rejected.

43 ! The Jewes rejected & the Gentiles receiued.