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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 23

3 ! Christ condemneth the ambicion, couetousnes, and hyposcrisie of the Scribes and Pharises.

3 b According to Moses whome they read, but not that which thei teache of them selues.

5 c Thei were skroles of parchement wherein the commandements were written: and to this day the Jewes vse the same & close them in a piece of lether, & so binde them to their browe & left arme, to the intent thei might haue continual remembrance of the Law.

8 d Christ forbideth not to giue juste honour to Magistrates and Masters, but condemneth ambicion and superioritie ouer our brothers faith, which office apperteineth to Christ alone.

8 / Or, teacher.

10 e The Phrises were called Masters or Fathers, and the Scribes Doctors.

11 f The highest dignitie in the Church is no lordshippe, or dominion, but ministerie, and seruice.

13 g Ye kepe backe the pure religion & knowledge of God when men are readie to embrace it.

13 h Which haue now their fote within the dores.

15 i They soght all meanes, that thei colde inuent, to make of a Gentile a Jewe.

17 k And maketh it to be taken as an holie thing, because of the vse: and hereby Christ sheweth that mans doctrine doeth not onely obscure the worde of God, but is contrarie to it.

24 l Ye staye at that which is nothing, & let passe that which is of greater importance.

25 m Ye seke how to get estimacion with men and passe not whether ye haue a good conscience or no.

25 / Or, intemperancie.

29 n For a remembrance of them, & in the meane season they passed not for their doctrine.

31 ! Their persecutions against the seruants of God.

31 o It is not now onely that your nacion hathe begonne to be cruel against the seruants of God, & therefore it is not marueil thogh the children of suche murtherers handle roguhly the Prophetes.

35 q Christ meaneth that all their race shal be punished,, so that the iniquitie of the fathers shalbe powred into the bosome of the children, which resembled their fathers.

37 ! He prophecieth the destruction of Jerusalem.

39 s He wil returne no more to them, as a teacher, but as a judge, when as they shalbe compelled to confesse (althogh to late) that he is the verie Sone of God.