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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 20

1 ! Christ teacheth by a similitude, that God is detter vnto no man, and how he alway calleth men to his labour.

2 a Which was called denarius, & was of value about foure pence halfe penie of olde money, and was communely a workemans hier.

3 b They deuided the day in to twelue houres, so that the third was the fourth part of the ??? , six of the cloke was one, nine was thre of the clocke after dyner, & the eleuenth houre was an houre before the sunne sete.

15 c Or enuions, because of my liberalitie, {deut 15,19}

16 d Therefore euerie man in his vocation, as he is called first, oght to go forwarde, & encourage others, seing the hyer is indifferent for all.

22 e He setteth the crosse before their eyes to drawe them from ambition, calling it a cup to signifie the measure of the afflictions, which God hathe ordeined for euerie man: the which thing also he calleth baptismes.

23 f God my Father hathe not giuen me charge to bestowe offices of honour here: but to be an example of humilitie vnto all.