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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 19

1 ! Christ sheweth for what cause a woman may be diuouced.

5 a They that afore were as two, shalbe now as one persone.

8 c That is, at the beginning, and by Gods ordinance.

8 b It was to auoide the crueltie, that men wolde haue vsed towards their wiues, if they had bene forced to reteine, them in their displeasure, furie and malice.

9 d For this bande can not be broken at mans pleasure.

12 e Some by nature are vnable to marie, and some by arte.

12 f The worde signifieth (gelded:) and they were so made because they shulde kepe the chambers of noble women: for they were judged chaste.

12 g Which haue the gift of continence, & vse it to serue God with more free libertie.

12 h This gift is not commune for all men, but is verie rare, and giuen to fewe: therefore men may not rashly absteine from mariage.

17 i Because this yong man knewe nothing in Jesus Christ but his manhode, he leadeth him to higher things, to the intent, that his doctrine might better take place.

17 k He spake this that he might learne to knowe himself.

20 l He boasteth muche because as yet he knewe not himself.

21 m Christ hereby discouered his hyprocrisie, and caused him to feele his owne weakenes, not generally commanding all to do the like.

24 / Or, cable rope.

26 o Who can frame mens heartes, so that they shal not set their mindes on their riches.

28 ! He promiseth them which haue left all to followe him life euerlasting.

28 p In this worke whereby the worlde is changed, renued and regenerate: or to joyne this worde with the sentence following and so take regeneration for the day of judgement, when the elect shal in soule and bodie enjoye their inheritance, to the end that they might knowe that it is not sufficient to haue begonne once.

29 q The joye of conscience which Gods children feele euen in their afflictions is a 1000 folde more worthe then all worldelie treasures.