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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 12

2 a Necesitie maketh that lawful, which is prohibited for a certeine respect, in things apperteining to ceremonies.

3 ! Christ excuseth his disciple which plucke the eares of corne.

5 b Not that the Priests brake the Sabbath in doing that, which was commanded by the Law, but he speaketh thus to confute the error of the people, who thoght the Sabbath broken, if any necessarie worke was done that day.

8 c Christ hathe power to exempt his from keping of the Sabbath, seing the seruice required in the Temple, was able to excuse them that labored in the same.

18 d The right trade of gouernement, not onely to the Jewes, but also to strange nacions.

19 e He shal not make great noise, nor seke outwarde pompe and glorie.

20 f He wil beare with them that be infirme & weake.

20 g Christ shal ouercome all lettes, which hinder the course of the Gospel, and then shal giue sentence as a conquerer against all his enemies.

22 ! Helpeth the possessed that was blinde and domme.

27 h Which conjured deuils by the vertue of Gods name, albeit it was expresly against the Law of God.

30 i He declareth to the Pharises, that they were in two sortes his enemies, not onely because thei did forsake him, but also make open warre against him.

32 k That is, he that stirueth against the trueth which he knoweth, and against his owne conscience, can not returne to repentance: for he sinneth against the holie Gost.

36 l Muche more they shal giue a counte of their blasphemies.

36 ! Of idle wordes.

37 m Their wicked wordes shal be a sufficient proffe to condemne the vngodlie, if there were not other thing.

38 ! He rebuketh the vnfaithful that wolde nedes haue tokens,

38 n This was to finde some newe shift or pretext to resist his doctrine.

39 o They were become bastardes and degenerate from their holie ancesters.

40 p He taketh parte of the day for the whole day.

41 q Who was a poore stranger, and yet these knowe not the Messias which was promised to be their King.

42 r It is ment as touching her face in comming to se Solomon, and not her persone: for she was not instructed in the Lawe of God.

45 t If Satan be cast out, we must watche stil, that he enter not againe: for since he was once mans olde gest, he knoweth euerie hole and corner of our house.

46 u This worde in the Scriptures signifieth oft times euerie kinsman.

49 ! And sheweth who is his brother, sister and mother.

49 x Christ preferreth the spiritual kinred to the carnal.