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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 13

2 a All desired to heare his doctrine, but there was not like affection in all.

2 ! The state of the kingdome of God set forthe by the parable of the sede.

9 b He sheweth that all men can not vnder stand these mysteries, and also maketh his disciples more atentiue.

12 d Christ increaseth in his children his graces.

15 f That which the Prophet referreth to the secret counsel of God, is here attributed to the hard stubbernes of the people: for the one can not be separated from the other.

16 g To wit, the glorie of the Sonne of God, to acknowledge him their Sauiour.

25 h He teacheth that the good and the bad shal be mixte together in the Church to the end that the faithful may arme them selues with patience and constancie.

30 i Christ meaneth onely that the Church shal neuer be without some wicked men: althogh they be neuer so sharpely punished by suche meanes as he hathe left to purge his Church.

32 k This teacheth vs not to be astonished at the smale beginnings of the Gospel.

33 l By this he admonisheth them to waite til the frute of the Gospel appeare.

33 ! Of the leauen.

35 m This worde signifieth graue and sententious prouerbes, to the end that the doctrine might haue the more majestie, and the wicked might thereby be confounded.

41 n The wicked which hurt others byt their euil example.

47 o It is a kinde of nette that gatherth in all things that come in the waye.

52 q Because the Scribes office was to expound the Scriptures, he meaneth him that doeth interpret them aright, and according to the Spirit.

52 r The preachers of Gods worde must haue store of sondrie and ample instructions.

57 ! The Prophet is contemned in his owne countrey.

57 s Men communely neglect them whome they haue knowen of Children: also thei do enuie them of the same countrei: and suche is their ingratitude that they take light occasion to contemne the graces of God in others.