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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 11

2 a Not because John was ignorant of Christ: but that he might reach his disciples that his office was to lead them to Christ.

6 b That take no occasion by Christ to be hindered from the Gospel.

7 ! Christs testimonie concerning John.

9 d For the Prophetes declared Christ long before he came, but John as it were pointed him with his finger.

11 e Which were begotten and borne by the meanes of man, and after the commune course of nature: for Christ was conceiued by the holie Gost.

11 f The least of them that shal preache the Gospel in the new estat of Christs Church, shal haue more cleare knoledge them John.

12 g Mens zeales are inflamed with desire to receiue Gods mercies offered, and are moste greadie to heare the worde.

13 h They prophecied things to come, which now we se present and more cleare.

18 ! The opinion of the people concerning Christ and John.

19 k They that are wise in dede, acknowledge the wisdome of God in him, whome the Pharises contemne, read {Luk. 7,29}.

21 l Cities of great marchandise ful of dissolution and wantonnes.

26 m Faith cometh not of mans wil or power, but by the secret illumination of God, which is the declaration of his eternal counsel.

28 n Which fele the waight, & grief of your sinnes and miseries.

29 o To be gouerned by my Spirit, and to mortifie your affections.