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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 10

1 ! Christ sendeth out his Apostles to preach in Judea.

6 a For the kingdome of God must first be preached vnot them, because Christ was especially promised vnto them.

7 ! He giueth them charge, teacheth them, and comforteth them against persecution.

8 b He commandeth them to offer them selues frely to the Lords worke, without respect of gaine or lucre.

9 c Because he sendeth them not for a loing time, but onely for one journey, he defendeth the things that might let them: nether is this a perpetual commandement.

9 / Or purses.

14 d To signifie that their land is polluted & that you consent not to their wickednes.

15 e Who were not so liuely taught, and aduertised.

16 f Not reuenging wrong, muche lesse doing wrong.

18 g To take from them all pretence of ignorance, and to make them inexcusable.

23 i And wil comfort you & giue manifest euidence of his presence: and he speaketh not of their first sending, but of the whole time of their Apostleship.

25 k It was the name of an idole which signified the god of flyes, & in dispite thereof was attributed to the deuil. {read 2. king 1, 2} and the wicked called Christ by this name.

27 l Which in those countreis are so made the men may walke vpon them.

32 ! To confesse Christ.

34 n He giueth vs inwarde peace in our conscience, but out wardly we must haue warre with wicked worldelings.

35 o Which thing cometh not of the propertie of Christ, but procedeth of the malice of men, which loue not the light, but darkenes, and are offended with the worde of saluation.

38 p Also they that inuent anie other way to honour God, then that he hathe prescribed by his worde, follow not Christ, but go before him.

38 ! To take vp our crosse.

39 q He that dothe preferre his life before my glorie.

41 r We must reuerence Christ in his seruants, & receiue them, as sent from him, & honour them for their office sake.