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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 9

2 a And also his faith that had the palsie: for except we haue faith, our sinnes can not be forgiuen.

2 ! He healeth the palsie.

2 b Jesus toucheth the principal cause of all our miseries, which is sinne.

4 c Because thei did maliciously refuse Christ, who affred him self vnto them.

5 d Christ speaketh according to their capacitie: for they more estemed outwarde miracles, then the vertue & power of Jesus Christ, whereby their sinnes might be forgiuen.

12 e He reproueth the vaine persuasion of them, which thoght them selues whole, & contemned the poore sicke sinners, which soght Jesus Christ to be their physicion.

13 g God requireth not ceremonies, but brotherlie loue of one towardes another.

13 f Which are puffed vp with vaine confidence of your owne reighteousnes.

13 ! Mercie.

15 h Christ wolde spare his disciples a while, not burdening them to muche, lest he shulde discourage them.

15 ! He answereth the Pharises and Johns disciples.

16 i Christ compareth his disciples for their infirmitie, to olde garments, and olde vessels,which are not able as yet to beare the perfection of his doctrine, which he meaneth by new cloth, and new wine.

16 / Or, rawe and vndressed.

16 ! Of the rawe cloth and new wine.

17 k The minde which is infected with the dregges of superstitious ceremonies, is not mete to receiue the pleasant wine of the Gospel.

17 / Bottels or bagges of ledder or skinne, wherein wine was caried on asses or camels.

23 l Players vpon flutes or pipes or other instruments, which in those dayes they vsed at buryales.

28 m He wolde proue whether they bare him that reuerence which was due to Messias.

34 n This blasphemie procedeth of extreme impietie, seing all the people confessed the contrarie.

35 o Whereby God gathreth his people together, that he may reigne ouer them.

35 ! Preacheth and healeth in diuerse places.

37 p He meaneth the people are ripe, and ready to receiue the Gospel, comparing the nomber of the elect to a plentiful haruest.

38 ! And exhorteth to prayers for the aduancement of the Gospel.