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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 8

3 a It was not like the leprosie that is snow, but was a kinde thereof, which was incurable.

3 ! The captaines faith.

4 d To condemne them of ingratitude, when they shal se thee whole.

4 c Our Sauiour wolde not contemne that which was ordeined by the Law, seing as yet the ceremonies thereof were not abolished.

4 b He wolde not yet be throughly knowen, but had his time & houre appointed.

11 e Which are strange people & the Gentiles, to whome the couenant of God did not properly apperteine.

12 f For there is nothing but mere darkenes out of the kingdome of heauen.

17 g The Prophete speaketh chiefly of the feblenes & disease of our soules, with Jesus Christ hathe borne: therefore he setteth his great mercie and power before our eyes by healing the bodie.

19 h He thoght by this meanes to courrie fauour with the world: but Jesus sheweth him that he is farre wide from that he loketh for: for in stead of worldelie welth, there is but pouertie in Christ.

19 ! The Scribe that wolde followe Christ.

21 i Luke maketh mencion of thre, which were hindred by worldelie respects from comming to Christ.

21 ! Christ prouertie.

21 k To succour & helpe him in his olde age til he dye, and then I wil followe thee wholy.

22 l No duetie or loue is to be preferred to Gods calling: therefore Jesus calleth them dead, which are hindered by any worldlie thing to followe Christ.

28 ! And driueth the deuils out of the possessed, into the swine.

29 m The wicked wolde euer, differre their punishment, thinking all correction to come to sone.

31 n The deuil desireth euer to do. harme but he can do no more, then God doeth appoint.

34 p These Gergesenes estemed more their hogges then Jesus Christ.