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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 7

1 a He commandeth, not to be curious or malicious to trye out, and condemne our neighbours fautes: for hypocrites hide their owne fautes, and seke not to amende them, but are curious to reproue other mens.

6 b Declare not the Gospel to the wicked contemners of God whome thou seest lest to them selues & forsaken.

12 c The whole Law and the Scriptures set forthe vnto vs, & commende charitie.

13 d We must ouercome and mortifie our affections, if we wil be true disciples of Christ.

13 e For the moste parte of men seke their owne libertie, and runne headlong to euil.

13 ! The streict and wide gate.

21 f He meaneth hirelings & hypocrites, who rather serue God with their lippes then with their heart.

22 g By thy vertue, autoritie and power.

22 ! Or, miracles.

23 h I neuer accepted you to be my true ministers and disciples.

29 i The mightie power of Gods Spirit appeared in him, whereby he declared him selfe to be God and caused others to belieue in him.