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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 5

3 a That feels them selues voide of all righteousnes that thei may onely seke it in Christ.

4 b Which feele their owne miserie, & seke their comfort in God.

5 c Who rather wolde suffer all injuries, then they wolde reuenge themselues.

6 d Being in necessitie, desire nothing but that which is vpright & godlie.

9 e For he is called the God of peace, {1 Cor. 14, 33}

13 ! The salt of the earth & light of the worlde.

13 f Your office is to season men with the salt of the heauenlie doctrine.

16 g Because you are sene farre of, giue good example of life.

17 h The Gospel is the stablishing, & accomplishing of the Law.

17 ! Christ came to fulfill the Law.

18 i The doctrine of the Law conteineth nothing vnprofitable or superfluous.

19 k Whosoeuer shal transgresse the least of the ten commandements in worde and example, he shal be cast out of the kingdome of God, except it be pardoned him in Christ.

20 l Which nether expound the Law trulely, nor obserue it wel.

21 m He sheweth how these worthie docters haue falsely glosed this commandement.

21 ! What is ment by killing.

22 n For God knowing his secret malice wil punish him.

22 o Wich signifieth in the Syrains tongue an idle braine, & is spoken in contempt.

22 / Or, without cause.

22 p Like judgement almoste the Romans obserued: for Triumuiri had the examination of smale matters the counsel of xxiii of greater causes & finally great matter of importance were decided by the senate of lxxi judges which here is compared to the judgement of God, or to be punished with hel fyre.

24 q For that thou hast offended him, or he hathe offended thee: for God preserreth brotherlie reconciliation to sacrifice.

28 r Chastitie is required bothe in bodie & in minde.

29 s Nothing is so precious which oght not to be rejected in respect of the glorie of God.

29 / Or, & not that.

29 ! Offences.

32 t In that he giueth her leaue to marry another by that testimonial.

34 u All superfluous others are vtterly debarred, whether the Name of God be therein mencioned, or otherwise.

37 x Let simplicitie, & trueth be in your wordes, and then ye shal not be so light, and ready to sweare.

37 y When a man speaketh otherwise then he thinketh in heart, it cometh of an euil conscience, and of the deuil.

38 z Albeit this spoken for the judges, yet euerie man applied it to reuenge his priuate quarel.

39 / Or, injurie.

39 a Rather receiue double wrong, then reuenge thine owne griefs.

43 b This was added by the false expositers the Pharises.

46 c These did take to farme the taxes, to wils, & other payements, & therefore were greatly in disdaine with all men.

48 d We must labour to atteine vnto the perfection of God, who of his free liberalitie, doeth good to them that are vnworthie.

48 ! Perfection.