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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 4

1 b To the end that he ouercoming these tentations might get the victorie for vs.

1 ! Christ fasteth & is tempted.

3 c Satan wolde haue Christ to distrust God, and his worde and followe other strange and vnlawful meanes.

4 d He meaneth the ordre that God hathe ordeined to mainteine his creatures by.

5 e To wit, Jerusalem.

6 f He alledgeth but halfe the sentence to deceiue thereby the rather, and cloke his craftie purpose.

7 g We must not leaue suche lawful meanes as God hathe appointed, to seke others after our owne fantasie.

11 i The worde of God is the sworde of the spirit, wherewith Satan is ouercome.

11 k To comfort him.

15 n Christ had preached now almost a yere in Judea, and Samaria, and after went to preache in the vppermost Galile, which was out of the bordes of Palestina.

16 o Which was without comfort, hathe receiued consolation.

18 p God hathe chosen the weake things of the worlde to counfounde the mightie {1 Corin. 1, 27}

18 ! He calleth Peter, Andrew, James, and John, and healeth all the sicke.

19 q To drawe them out of the sea of this worlde, wherein they are drowned.

22 We oght to be moste ready to followe Christ, when he calleth, leauing all worldelie respects aparte.

23 s That is, the blessed tidings of forgiuenes of sinnes & reconciliation with God.

24 t So that by healing incurable diseases Christs diuinitie appeared .

24 u They that were mad or sicke at a certeine time of the moone.

25 x It was a countrey wherein was ten cities, as the worde signifieth.