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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 3

1 b So called in respect of the playne countrey and fertile valleis: and not because it was not inhabited.

1 a In the first yere of te reigne of Tiberius, after Christ had long time remained in Nazaret, and was now about 30 yere olde.

2 / Or, be sorie for your fautes past, and amend.

2 c Which is, that God wil reigne ouer vs, gather vs vnto him, pardon our sinnes, and adopte vs by the preaching of the Gospel.

4 e Suche meates as nature broght forthe without mans labour or diligence: reade {Leuit. 11,22}

4 / Or, grashoppers.

6 f Acknowledging their fautes: for there is no repentance without confession.

7 ! The Pharises are reproued.

8 g He memaceth those venemous and malicious Pharises with the judgement of God, except they shewe before men suche workes as are agreable to the posession of the godlie, whome Isai calleth the trees of righteousnes, {chap. 61, 3}

8 ! The frutes of repentance.

10 h The judgement of God is at hand to destroye suche as are not mete to be of his Church.

11 i When God baptizeth inwardely with the vertue of his Spirit, he burneth, & consumeth the vices and inflameth the heartes with loue towarde him.

12 k Which is the preaching of the Gospel, whereby he gathereth the faithful as good corne, & scatereth the infideles as chaffe.

15 l We must render perfit obedience to God in all things, which he hathe ordeined.

16 m To shewe the state of his kingdome, which is in all mekenes & lowlines.

17 n The fauour of God resteth on Jesus Christ, that from him it might be powred on vs, which deserue of our selues his wrath, and indignation.