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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 11

1 a Because the Jewes thoght them selves, so strong by reason of this mountaine, that no enemie colde come to hurt them, the Prophet sheweth that when God sendeth the enemies, it shal shewe it self ready to receiue them.

2 c Seing that Lebanon was destroied, which was the strongest municion, the weaker places colde not thinke to holde out.

2 b Shewing that if the strong men were destroyed, the weaker were not able to resist.

3 d That is, the renoume of Judah & Israel shulde perish.

4 e Which being now destinate to be slayne, were deliuered, as out of the lions mouthe.

4 ! The care of the faithful is committed to Christ.

5 g He noteth the hypocrites, which euer haue the Name of God in their mouthes, thogh in their life and doings thei denie God, attributing their gaine to Gods blessing, which cometh of the spoile of their brethren.

5 f Their gouernours destroie them without any remorce of conscience, or yet thinking that they do euil.

6 i Their gouernours shal execute crueltie ouer them.

7 l God sheweth his great benefites towarde his people to convince them of greater ingratitude, which wolde nether be ruled by his most beautiful order of gouernement, nether continue in the bandes of brotherlie vnitie, and therefore he breaketh bothe the on and the other. Some read, for Bandes, Destroiers but in the {14 vers.} the first reading is confirmed.

7 ! A grieuous vision against Jerusalem and Judah.

7 k That is, the smale remnant, whome he thoght worthie to shewe mercie vnto.

8 m Whereby he sheweth his care and diligence that he wold suffer them to haue no euil rulers, because they shulde consider his great loue.

8 n Meaning the people, because they wolde not acknowledge these great benefites of God.

11 o He sheweth that the least parte euer profit by Gods judgements.

12 p Besides their ingratitude God accuseth them of malice & wickedness, which did not onely forget his benefites, but estemed them as things of noght.

13 q Shewing that it was to litle to pay his wages, which colde scarse [???] suffice to make a fewe tiles for to couer the Temple.

15 r Signigying, that thei shulde haue a certeine kinde of regiment, & outwarde shewe of gouernement: but in effect it shuld be nothing: for they shulde be wolves, and deuouring beasts instead of shepherds.

17 t By the arme he signifieth stregth, as he doeth wisdome and judgement by the eye: that is, the plague of God shal take away both thy strength and judgement.