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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 12

1 a That is, the ten tribes, which neglected Gods benefite in deliuering their brethren, and had rather remaineth in captiuitie, then to returne home.

1 ! Of the destruction and buylding againe of Jerusalem.

2 b Jerusalem shalbe defended against all her enemies: so shal God defend all Judah also, and shal destroye the enemies.

5 (c0 euerie captaine, that had many vnder him afore, shal now thinke that the smale power of Jerusalem shalbe sufficient to defend them against all enemies, because the Lord is among them.

7 d The people which are now as it were dispersed by the fields, and lie open to their enemies, shalbe no less preserved by my power, then if they were vnder their Kings (which is ment by the house of Dauid), or in their defensed cities.

10 e They shal haue the feeling of my grace by faith, and knowe that I haue compassion on them.

10 f That is, whome they haue continually vexed with their obstinacie, and grieued my Spirit, {John 19,18} where it is referred to Christs bodie, which here is referred to the Spirit of God.

10 g They shal turne to God by true repentance, whome before they had so grieuously offended by their ingratitude.

11 i Which was the name of a towne & place nere to Gegiddo where Josiah was slayne, {2 Chro. 35,22}.

11 h They shal lament and repent excedingly for their offences against God.

12 m vnder these certeine familes he conteineth all the tribes, and sheweth that bothe the Kings and the Priests had by their sinnes perced Christ.

12 k That is, in all places where the Jewes shal remaine.

12 l Signifying that this mourning or repentance shulde not be a vaine ceremonie: but euery one touched with his owne grief shal lament.

14 o To wit, which were elect by grace, and preserved from the commune destruction.