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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 10

1 a The Prophet reproueth the Jewes because by their owne infidelitie thei put backe Gods graces promised, & so famine came by Gods juste judgement: therefore to auoide this plague he willeth them to turne to God, & pray in faith to him, and so he wil giue them abundance.

1 ! The vanitie of idolatrie.

2 b He calleth to remembrance Gods punishments in times past because they trusted not in him, but in their idoles and sorcerers who euer deceiued them.

3 d Meaning, the cruel gouernours which did oppresse the poore shepe, {Ezek. 34,17}.

3 ! The Lord promiseth to visite & comforte the house of Israel.

3 e He wil be merciful to this Church and cherish them as a King or Prince doeth his best horse which shalbe for his owne vse in the warre.

4 f Out of Judah shal the chief gouernour procede, who shal be as a corner to vpholde the buylding and as a natle to fasten it together.

6 h That is, the ten tribes, which shulde be gathered vnder Christ to the rest of the Churche.

8 i Whereby he declareth the power of God who nedeth no great preparation when he wil deliuer his: for with a becke or hisse he can call them from all places suddenly.

9 k Thogh they shal yet be scattered & seme to be lost, yet it shalbe profitable vnto them: for there thei shal come to the knowledge of my Name, which was accomplished vnder the Gospel among whome it was first preached.

9 l Not that they shulde returne into their countrey, but be gathered and joyned in one faith by the doctrine of Gospel.

11 m He alludeth to the deliuerance of the people out of Egypt where as the Angel smote the floods and riuers.