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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 9

1 b Gods angre shal abide vpon their chief citie, and not spare so muche as that.

1 c When the Jewes shal convert and repent then God wil destroye their enemies.

1 ! Whereby he meaneth Syria.

2 d That is, by Damascus: meaning that Hamath or Antriochia shulde by vnder the same rod and plague.

2 e He secretly sheweth the cause of their destruction because they deceiued all other by their craft, and subtiltie, which they cloked with this name of wisdome.

4 f Thogh they of Tyrus thinke them selves invincible by reason of the sea, that compasseth them round about, yet they shal not escape Gods judgements.

6 g Meaning, that all shulde be destroyed saue a verie fewe, that shulde remaine as strangers.

7 h He promiseth to deliuer the Jewes when he shal take vengeance on their enemies for their crueltie, and wrongs done to them.

7 i As the Jebusites had bene destroyed, so shulde Ekron and all the Philistims.

8 l That is, God hathe now sent the great injuries and afflictions wherewith they haue bene afflicted by their enemies.

8 k He sheweth that Gods power onely shalbe sufficient to defend his Church against all adversaries be thei neuer so cruel or assemble their power neuer so often.

9 n Which, declareth that they shulde not loke for suche a King as shulde be glorified in the eyes of man but shulde be poore, and yet in him self haue all power to deliuer his: & this is ment of Christ, as {Mat. 21,5}

9 m That is, he he hath righteousnes, and salvation in him selfe for the vse & commoditie of his Church.

10 p That it, from the red sea, to the sea called Syriacum: and by these places which the Jewes knewe, he ment an infinite space & compasse ouer the whole worlde.

10 o No power of man or creature shalbe able to let this kingdome of Christ (???) he shal peaceably gouerne them by his worde.

11 s God sheweth that he wil deliuer his Church out of all dangers, seme they neuer so great.

11 r Meaning, Jerusalem or the Church, which is saued by the blood of Christ whereof the blood of the sacrifices was a figure, and is here called the couenant of the Church because God made it with his Church, and left it with them for the loue that he bare vnto them.

12 x That is, double benefites, and prospertie in respect of that which your fathers enjoyed from Dauids time to the captiuitie.

12 u Meaning, the faithful, which semed to be in danger of their enemies on euerie side, and yet liued in hope that God wolde restore them to libertie.

12 t That is, into the holie land where the citie and the Temple are, where God wil defend you.

13 y I wil make Judah and Ephraim, that is, my whole Church victorious against all enemies, which he here meaneth by the Grecians.

15 z He promiseth that the Jewes shal destroye their enemies and haue abundance, and excesse of all things, as there is abundance on the altar when the sacrifice is offred: Which things are not to moue them to intemperancie, but to sobrietie, and a thankful rembrance of Gods great liberalitie.

16 a The faithful shalbe preserved, and reuerenced of all that the verie enemies shalbe compelled to esteme them: for Gods glorie shal shine in them, as Josephus declareth of Alexander the great when he met Jadi the hie Priest.