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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 8

2 ! Of the returne of the people vnto Jerusalem, and of the mercie of God towarde them.

2 a I loued my citie with a singular loue, so that I colde not abide anie shulde do her anie injurie.

3 b Because she shalbe faithful, and loyal towarde me her housband.

4 c Thogh their enemies did greatly molest and trouble them, yet God wolde come, and dwell among them,& so preserve them so long as nature wolde suffer them to liue, and increase their children in great abundance.

6 d He sheweth wherein our faith standeth, that is, to beleue that God can performe that which he hathe promised thogh it seme neuer so vnpossible to man, {Rom. 4:20}.

8 e So that their return shal not be vn vaine: for God wil accomplish his promes, & their prosperitie shalbe sure and stable.

9 f Let nether respect of your priuate commodities, nether counsel of others, nor feare of enemies discourage you in the going forwarde with the buylding of the Temple, but be constant & obei the Prophetes, which incourage.

10 g For God cursed your worke, so that nether man nor beast had profite of their labours.

15 i Which declareth, that mancan not turne to God til he change mans heart by his Spirit, and so beginne to do wel, which is to pardon his sinnes and to giue him his graces.

19 k Which fast was appointed when the citie was besieged, & was the first fast of these foure: & here the Prophet sheweth that if the Jewes wil repent, and turne wholy to God, they shal haue no more occasion to fast, or to shewe signes of heauines: for God wil send them joy & gladnes.

20 l He declareth the great zeale that God shuld giue the Gentiles to come to his Church & to joyne with the Jewes in his true religion, which shulde be in the kingdome of Christ.

20 ! The calling of the Gentiles.