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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 4

1 ! The vision of the golden candelsticke, and the exposition thereof.

2 a Which was euer in the middes of the Temple signifying that the graces of Gods Spirit shulde shine there in moste abundance, and in all perfection.

2 b Which conveied the oyle that dropped from the trees into the lampes, so that the light neuer failed: & this vision was to confirme the faithful that God had sufficient power in him selfe to continue his graces, & to bring his promes to passe, thogh he had no hlep of man.

6 c Who was a figure of Christ and therefore this doctrine was directed to all the Chruch who are his bodie & members.

6 d He sheweth that Gods power onely is sufficient to preserve his Church, thogh he vse not mans helpe thereunto.

7 e He compareth the power of the adversaries to a great mountaine, who thoght the Jewes nothing in respect of them, and wolde haue hindred Zerubbabel who represented Christ whome the enemies daily labour to let in the buylding of his spiritual Temple, but all in vaine.

7 f Thogh the enemies thinke to stay this buylding, yet Zerubbabel shal lay the hiest stone thereof, and bring it to perfection so that all the godlie shal rejoyce, & pray vnto God that he wolde continue his grace, and fauour toward the Temple.

9 g Meaning, the Prophet, that I am Christ sent of my Father for the buylding, & preservation of my spiritual Temple.

10 i Whereby he signifieth the plummet & line, that is, that Zerubbabel which represented Christ, shulde go forward with his buylding to the joye & comfort of godlie, thogh the worlde be against him, & thogh his for a while be discouraged, because thei se not things pleasant to the eye.

10 k That is, God hathe seuen eyes: meaning, a continual prouidence, so that nether Satan nor anie power in the worlde can go about or bring anie thing to passe to hinder his worke, {Chap. 3:9}.

10 h Signifying that all were discrouaged at the smale & poore beginnings of the Temple.

14 l Which were euer grene & ful of oyle, so that stil they powred forthe oyle vnto the lampes: signifying that God wil continually mainteine and preserve his Church, and indue it stil with abundance and perfection of graces.