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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 3

1 b Which declareth that the faithful haue not onely warre with flesh and blood, but with Satan him self and the spiritual wicknes, {Eph. 6,12}.

1 ! A prophecie of Christ and of his kingdome.

1 a He praied to Christ the Mediator for the state of the Church.

2 c That is, Christ speaketh to God as the Mediator of his Church that he wolde rebuke Satan: and here he sheweth him selfe to be the continual preserver of his Church.

2 d Meaning that Jehoshua was wonderfully preserved in the captiuitie, and now Satan foght to afflict & trouble him when he was doing his office

4 e In respect of the glorious garments, and precious stones that the Priestes did weare before the captiuitie: and by this contemptible state the Prophet signifieth that these finale beginnings shulde be made excellent when Christ shal make the ful restoration of his Church.

4 f He sheweth of what apparel he speaketh, which is when our filthy sinnes are taken away and we are clad with Gods mercies, which is ment of the spiritual restitution.

5 g The Prophet praieth that besides the raiment the Priest might also haue tyre for his head accordingly, that is, that the dignitie of the Priesthode might be perfect: and this was fulfilled in Christ, who was bothe Priest and King: and here all suche are condemned that can content them selves with any meane reformation in religion, seing the Prophet desireth the perfection and obteineth it.

7 h That is, haue rule and gouernement in my Church as thy predecessours haue had.

7 k That is, the Angels who represented the whole nomber of the faithful: signifying that all the godlie shulde willingly receiue him.

7 i Whereby he meaneth to haue the whole charge and ministerie of the Church.

8 l Because they followe my worde, thei are contemned in the worlde, and estemed as monsters, {Isa. 8,18}.

9 m That is, Christ, who did so humble him self, that not onely he became the servant of God, but also the servant of men: and therefore in him they shulde haue comfort, althogh in the worlde they were contemned {Isa. 11,1, jere. 23:5, 33,14}.

9 o That is, I wil make it perfite in all pointes, as a thing wroght by the hand of God.

9 p Thogh I haue punished this land for a time, yet I wil euen now be pacified, & visit their sinnes no more.

9 n He sheweth that the ministers can not buylde, before God lay the first stone, which is Christ, who is ful of eyes bothe because he giueth light vnto all others, & that all oght to seke light at him {Chap. 4,10}.

10 q Ye shal then liue in peace & quietnes, that is in the kingdome of Christ, {Isa 2,2, micah 4,4}.