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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Zechariah 2

1 a That is, the Angel who was Christ: for in respect of his office he is ofttimes called an Angel, but in respect of his eternal essence, is God and so called.

1 ! The restoring of Jerusalem and Judah.

4 c Signifying the spiritual Jerusalem and Church vnder Christ, which shulde be extended by the Gospel through all the worlde and shulde nede no material walles, nor trust in any worldelie strength, but shulde be safely preserved, and dwell in peace among all their enemies.

5 d To defende my Church, to feare the enemies, and to destroy them if they approche nere.

5 e In me they shal haue their ful felicitie & glorie.

6 g As it was I that scattered you so haue I power to restore you.

6 f He calleth to them, which partely for feare and partely for their owne ease remained stil in captiuitie, and so preferred their owne priuate commodities to the benefites of God promised in his Church.

7 h By fleing from Babylon and coming to the Church.

8 i Seing that God hathe begonne to shewe his grace among you by deliuering you, he continueth the same stil towarde you, and therefore sendeth me his Angel, and his Christ to defend you from your enemies, that they shal not hurt you, nether by the way nor at home.

8 k Ye are so deare vnto God, that he can no more suffer your enemies to hurt you, then a man can abide to be thrust in the eye, {Psal. 17,8}.

8 l vpon the heathen your enemies.

9 m They shalbe your servantes as you haue bene theirs.

9 n This must necessarely be vnderstand of Christ, who being God equal with his Father, was sent as he was Mediator to dwell in his Church, and to gouerne them.